My first snow day in years


Last Friday my university had a snow day. It was incredibly bizarre, and felt like I just went through a blast from the past. It’s been three years since I was a senior in high school, which marks exactly when I had my last snow day. It’s a little surprising. I thought I would be more excitable than I was. I remember the days before I was in college, sitting by the television, just hoping and praying that school would be cancelled. When it was, I swear it was the best feeling a school kid could ever know. Snow days gave you the power of unlimited possibilities. You could build snow forts, snow men, have snowball fights, make snow angels, and do whatever else you put your mind to. Of course, I just played video games and wasted the day away, but it was totally worth it.

This snow day, I didn’t really do much of anything. I wasn’t excited at all. In a way I want to blame college for stealing my inner child, but I guess that just comes with the age and the responsibility of being a grown up. I guess the only way to get that back is when you have children of your own, and you have to be fun. Nah, I’m just kidding!

I did manage to photograph that day of complete freedom. So of course, I couldn’t write this blog without photographs.






*Note: The snow bolder was not hard, it was light, so it did not injure my dog. She loved it!*


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