Blast from the past

What’s a better way to begin the new year than to begin it with some photos from the past? (If you’re new to me or my blog(s), I do this quite a bit, so prepare yourselves.)

These photos are in no particular order by the way.



Circa 2010: These two photos were taken during my senior year of high school. My friend (not pictured) had a very small anime gathering at the library for her senior project. My friend and I were invited to go, and long story short..we didn’t stay long and left so we could have our own adventure. We ended up at our museum, and voila. Our alter egos appeared.


Circa 2004: This was taken during my 8th grade year. The very first duck face photograph of shame that I took, and the first of many many more.


Circa 2010: This was also taken during my senior year. I thought snarling in pictures was attractive. I don’t know why, so don’t bother asking me…it’ll just bring embarrassingly awkward memories to my mind.

I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE as to why I have duct tape over my mouth. I also don’t know when I took this photo. But what the heck Kiki? Why you do this to yourself? I think the duct tape says silence on it…now that I think of it…I think I was trying to be funny. You know the whole “Silence is golden, duct tape is silver” thing. I know. Original.


This is from my junior or senior year. Awkward me accompanied by an incredibly awkward pose. I do miss my shoes though. I really need to invest in more converse.


This was taken the same day as the photo above. For some reason I thought giant genital chalk drawings were hysterical. I want to apologize for anyone who took their child to the park that month. Who knows how long that giant peen was there.


This was the last day of senior year I do believe. I was one of the few losers that stayed while everyone (including the teachers) skipped out. I think I was stuck with a few other people inside while most teachers were outside having a BBQ. It was a really bizarre day.


I’ve been told I resemble Charlyne Yi.

Anyways..a part two will be up tomorrow. It’s two minutes away from being 2:00 am. This girl needs some sleep.


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