It’s twelve days into the new year, and I have finally realized what my resolutions for this year will be. Every year my only resolution has been to “lose weight”. Every one of those years I have failed, and let me tell you..I have been saying these things since my senior year of high school in 2010. This year I want to give myself more substantial things to strive for. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue trying to motivate myself and dedicate myself to live a more active and healthy lifestyle, but those won’t be my only goals.

Here is a compiled list of things that I WILL accomplish.

1.) Develop a closer and deeper relationship to God.
2.) Improve not just my body, but my mind and spirit as well.
3.) Take more pictures with mommy and daddy.
4.) Spend more time with mommy and daddy.
5.) Let go of grudges.
6.) Forgive those who have hurt you.
7.) Drink more water (being dehydrated sucks).
8.) Read more books.
9.) Finish more books (even the boring ones).
10.) Continue learning Chinese
11.) Improve photography
12.) Save money better.
13.) Find a better paying job over summer.
14.) Have a favorite thing about everyday and write it down.
15.) Travel more, even if it’s within your own city. There are always undiscovered places.
16.) Place negative thoughts with positive ones.
17.) Always try and help people that need it.
19.) Write a book, even you don’t publish it.
20.) Create short films.
21.) Vlog again.
22.) Fill all the pages of your journal.
23.) Stop letting envy overwhelm my soul.
24.) Stop being so sad everyday.
25.) Enjoy life.


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