HUGE Beauty Haul

You know my blog a few posts ago where I talked about becoming more feminine and girly? I think I may have gone a little overboard!

I went through my savings a little faster than I was hoping to, but all in all I think it was worth it, and I have a lotion arsenal that will last me a good year.


I was tired of using crappy disposable razors and Pantene conditioner (even though it’s pretty much the same thing) for my shaving cream so I caved in and bought a Schick Hydro razor along with AMAZING scented shaving cream. The Skintimate Mandarin Burst is mouth watering, and although I haven’t tried the Flirty Mango, I know I’ll love it just as much. The Skintimate Mandarin Burst smells very grapefruity to me, which is one of my favorite scents ever.

Bath and Bodyworks is having their semi-annual summer sale, and I had to hold back A LOT. There are a few things not pictured that I bought, but nothing to spectacular.


The smells I tend to favor a lot are light subtle smells. They’re either tropical fruit scents, peaches, or light flowery smells. Tokyo Lotus is absolutely perfect. It’s very light, and doesn’t give me a headache (which I tend to get easily from body sprays and super fragrancey lotions). I also bought a small bottle of body spray of the same scent to go along with it.


I recently jumped on the candle and Wallflower bandwagon. I bought these three candles, and they are so heavenly. I’m afraid to burn them because they’re just amazing.  I was missing out when I didn’t bother getting candles. Now my room isn’t covered by the smell of dog farts that my foul beasts love to torture me with on the daily.


I’ve never used a Wallflower before, but the two smells that I bought are great. I bought two Honeysuckle refills, and one Island Waters refill. They liven up my room, and make things more summery, which is excellent since I barely leave my room to begin with.


My favorite Youtuber/Blogger is Zoella, and in one of her older videos she was raving about this product. It’s an exfolient toner, and it’s apparently an amazing product if you’re having difficulties with your skin. The smell is a little strange, but that goes hand in hand with a toner. I’ve only used it once last night, and it made my skin feel so clean and smooth. I’m not sure if it will get rid of my troublesome acne spots, but we shall see.

Unfortunately for me, this week was not only the Bath and Bodyworks semi-annual sale, but The Body Shop was also having a summer sale. We don’t have The Body Shop where I live, so I did all of my shopping online. Zoella also mentioned these lotions (before I was informed about The Bath and Bodyworks sale), with my shopaholic tendencies, I had to try them out. Even with the sale, they were a little bit pricey, but this is also coming from a girl that never really bought beauty products to begin with (aside from makeup).


They were doing a buy three get three free deal, so this explains why I bought so much lotion. I’m in love with the mango and grapefruit lotions, and although I love love love peach smells, this wasn’t one of the better peach scented lotions that I have smelled. It still smells good, but it has more of an artificial candy flavoring smell to it that I’m not too crazy about. Almost like the peach syrup we used at Starbucks.


These smell pretty good, but they don’t really lather that great. And since there isn’t that much body wash, I’ll probably only use it for when I travel because I don’t want to use it all up at one time.Image

I was four bucks away from getting free shipping, so I just bought this on a whim. The reviews on the website raved about this, but it’s not my favorite. When you spray it on at first, it’s a little strong, but after you wear it for a couple minutes it starts smelling good. The only downside to this is, if it’s on your skin it fades away within 30 minutes. If you spray it on your clothes, the scent soaks in and lasts longer, so if you buy this, just keep that in mind.


This body scrub is to die for. It exfoliates my skin really well and moisturizes it too! It was on the pricey side, so I’m not sure if I’ll buy it again since *cough* I have no job at the moment *cough* Even with that minor detail, I might end up sticking to just using sugar to exfoliate my legs. It’s cheaper, and does an equally great job at making my legs smooth and soft especially if you mix it with conditioner.


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