What the hell am I doing?

I go through frequent stages where I just stop and think “what the hell am I doing with my life?” Of course, panic and depression follow after that. It’s a constant battle reminding myself that it’s perfectly okay for me to be confused with my course of life. That there are millions (if not billions) of other people out there who are going through the exact same thing I’m going through. I have to remember that I’m not alone. In fact I should realize that life is only acting. It’s pretending like you know what you’re doing, when essentially all that you are doing is winging it.

I just wish I could “wing it” a little better.


3 thoughts on “What the hell am I doing?

  1. The Duckie says:

    Everyone in life is winging it. Everyone has a different rate that they are traveling at, but we will all get to the finish line at the same time. No rush, no worry. Keep your head up, Keister. Ben loves you, and you will do great things. *HUGSSSSSSS*

    • whimsicalescapes says:

      Awwww ❤ *Hugsss* I love you too Ben! If it weren't for you and the few other good friends I have, I would be a complete wreck. Thank you so much for being there for me, it means the entire world!

      • The Duckie says:

        Aww, it’s nothing, Keister. I always want the people in my life to be happy and well taken care of. *hugssssssss* ❤

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