I’ll Miss You Gambit

Today I lost my beloved rabbit, Gambit. She was such a sweet little baby, and was around 4 months old. The way she died was gruesome and painful, and I wish so much that I could have taken all that pain away from her.

Earlier today, my cousin opened the door to her cage. Gambit absolutely lived to run around the house. She was so excited that she jumped out of her cage, and got her little foot stuck in the wire. She ended up breaking her foot, and made this blood curdling scream. I wish I could get that awful sound out of my head, but it keeps echoing over and over. Her foot was in such bad condition that it turned completely around to the point where it was just dangling backwards. The bone was sticking out, and she was just in such unimaginable pain.

Since the veterinarians were closed by this time, and neither of us could afford an emergency vet bill, Skyler ended up running her over to his landlord (who is also the next door neighbor.) The landlord has been taking care of horses and an array of other animals his entire life, so he was our only hope. He delivered the bad news that if we waited until tomorrow to send her to the vet, she would’ve had a bad infection that would’ve made things worse and more painful for her. The worst was to be expected at this point, and the landlord snapped her neck and put her out of her misery.

As Skyler was digging her grave, all I could do was look at her as she lay there pathetic and dead. I pet her and pet her as I whispered to her that I was so sorry that I couldn’t have been a better mother and that she didn’t live the long life she deserved. After I told her and prayed to God that he would take good care of her in heaven, Skyler buried her.

Our second rabbit Pepe was in love with Gambit, and he of course wasn’t sure what was going on. He searched the entire house looking for her, and was throwing a fit. Thumping his feet, digging in her cage trying to find her. I know he knows that something bad has happened to her, and I feel horrible that he doesn’t know that she’s gone.

I’m at a loss for words, and I just really miss her.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Miss You Gambit

      • The Duckie says:

        Well, it’s always tough when you lose a pet. I remember how upset I was when the family dog passed away 13 years ago. You will be okay, and as always, I’m here for you. ❤

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