#TBT (Throwback Thursday) Blog

Here’s a blog from Xanga dated March 31, 2009

So I just signed up for the ACT.
I take it on June 13…my counselor
says it’s easier than the SAT so let’s
just hope that is true for me! On
other news, things are looking up! I
feel that I can be more dedicated to
my future and my life now. I also feel
that my work in school will only progress
and get better for me! To my future self
in Taiwan. Are you seeing anyone? Wang
Dong Chen perhaps? If so…tell him past
me says hi and that I have fallen for him
since I was seventeen. Ok…maybe not! Now
that I read this outloud it sounds kind of creepy.

Well I have to go. My apologies for such a
terribly boring short blog!

To address my questions from 7 years ago:
Unfortunately I’m not in Taiwan and I’m still stuck in school…it seems like I’ll be here forever, but let’s hope I graduate this year! I’m engaged to Skyler, yes…the one that told you, you had a mustache in 6th grade who eventually became a scene kid and you thought he was weird. Also, you’ll eventually fall out of love with Wang Dong Chen…he kinda became douchey.


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