Long time no talk

It’s been awhile since I’ve last written. I feel like I write too many of these sorts of blog posts. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been inspired to write for the past several months. School is incredibly draining, and it’s hard to want to do anything at all.

Actually, what has inspired me to write again is that I recently got back in contact with a really great friend from a couple years ago. I made a Youtube video venting out my frustrations on one of my old channels that I’ve decided to start up again, and he saw it. We’ve been attempting to stay in contact (because that is something that is hard for us to do) ever since. I’m glad.

Making changes in my life is bringing me nothing but good things, so I’m going to continue to make more videos like I wanted to ages ago. As soon as I have video ideas, I’m going to be making videos nonstop. I can’t wait.

Here are my most recent videos if you guys want to take a gander.


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