Blog from the past: February 13, 2013 aka That time I blue myself…literally

I’ve decided that since Xanga is basically non-existent, I will post a blog from the past at least once a week. They’ll be interesting don’t worry. No ranty teen angst blogs ;P

If you’ve watched Arrested Development, there is no doubt that you are quite aware of who Tobias Funke is. Just a few weeks ago I captured his very clumsy essence when I got myself into a very unintended incident.
I’m sure you guys remember this scene in Arrested Development. I mean how could you not?!



So uh…about that….let’s just say I had a really…I mean REALLY bad hair dye situation. I used Manic Panic Rockabilly blue to dye my hair. I let it sit in my hair for an hour, and then washed it out in the sink. I guess I didn’t wash all of it out because the next day when I washed it out in the shower my ENTIRE body ended up turning blue. It took rubbing alcohol, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (which I would NOT advise using), Comet Cleaner (which I would also not advise using), lemon juice, and nail polish remover to get it off. It took four whole days. My entire body was blue…even my lady bits, which I can honestly say is pretty interesting to see. If I liked the whole alien thing, it would’ve been pretty darn fabulous. On the bright side, my hair looked amazing in the light.



*Note: These pictures were three days into the blueness. It was MUCH worse*

As Tobias Funke once said,

Now, here are a list of puns I used in their entirety for those four days.

-Once every blue moon.
-I’ve got the blues.
-I just blue myself.
-I’m blue da ba dee da ba die.


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