Eeriest night ever!

I wrote this on my phone on January 8th as soon as it happened!

Nothing that I have experienced as of lately is eerier than hearing a continuous car horn go off in your driveway at 12:37 am. If you’re a horror movie fanatic like I am, all sorts of terrifying thoughts race through your head. Maybe it’s a creepy man rummaging through your car, or a serial killer trying to lure you outside. Or nonsensically, but totally possible at that moment, Michael Myers from that scene in Halloween 5.

As I dug up the courage to look outside my window hoping and praying I wouldn’t see anyone staring back at me, I slowly crept towards my window. With my heart pounding in my chest, I slowly pulled back a corner of the curtains and peeked out. With my eyes adjusting to the darkness, and scanning for potential lurkers, I thankfully didn’t spot a soul.

With my nerves finally calmed down, I came to the realization that my mom’s car has been having electrical issues for a while now, and it was nothing. I woke up my mom so she could fix the noise issue. She woke up and went outside, and I grabbed the nearest bulky flashlight near me and watched from the window. I gripped the flashlight, and felt my heartbeat get faster. With thoughts of the possibility that there may actually be serial killers out there, I quickly put together a plan for attack. As I was preparing myself for the most intense battle I would ever have, the noise stopped.

The silence seemed like it lasted forever.

As the doorknob to my front door started to turn, my eyes widened, and I realized I wasn’t ready for battle. My mom then walked through the door and went back to bed, with me still standing by the front door with my flashlight in hand.

Now here I am huddled under my blanket, writing about the most uneventful scare of my life.


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