My first adventure: Chicago

March of 2012, my best friend and I went on an adventure.


I will never forget that feeling of finally getting to see a larger part of the world than I was used to. Even though Chicago was only 6 hours away from my hometown, I felt like I was venturing further than that. I felt like I was going to an unexplored land.

Being chaperoned isn’t a bad thing when you’re at a certain age, but when you’re sheltered past your teen years, it’s not so great. You find yourself depending on other people constantly, and independence doesn’t seem like it will ever come.

Prior to this trip, I have been to my mom’s home country, Taiwan, but the last time I had gone was when I was ten. Although that was an incredible adventure, it is one that I can hardly remember anymore, so this trip to Chicago was life changing.

Even though I was on this trip with friends, I felt like I could finally gain some independence. I could think for myself, do what I wanted, and finally make my own decisions without my parents worrying about me over nothing.


We only stayed in Chicago for three days, and I was a little unprepared for it. I remember thinking that because I was on spring break for college, I would be totally fine wearing just a zip up hoodie. I was TOTALLY wrong.

It’s funny thinking about it now.

While all of the locals were wearing their parkas, I was regretting never checking the weather reports before we left. I was a good sport about it though. I remember thinking, “They weren’t kidding when they called this place the windy city.” My best friend and I would make failed attempts trying to gain some warmth by running in and out of various stores on the Magnificent Mile.


Lego Woody
I remember seeing a fancy McDonalds for the first time and freaking out. It was the coolest thing ever, so I had to take a million pictures of it. After eating there for three days straight, I immediately became sick of the place.



K'jea and Ronald


No matter how cool a McDonald’s may look, you still feel like absolute crap afterwards. I get the urge to run to the bathroom just thinking about it. Speaking of which, have a fancy McDonald’s bathroom selfie.


Might I add, our hotel room was downtown, so we walked everywhere in the frigid cold. While walking down the Magnificent Mile, we almost gave up on finding The Bean because it was so cold. I’m glad we didn’t because on the way we found Marilyn.

We thought it was hysterical that she's wearing panties.

We thought it was hysterical that she was wearing panties.


When we eventually found The Bean, we were so easily entertained that we forgot how cold we were. It didn’t hurt that the buildings weren’t blocking the sunlight either.




I think that same day we ended up venturing to the Sear’s Tower (it will never be the Willis Tower to me). That was pretty fun, especially with how quick the elevator was.


This was the most terrifying thing I’ve EVER done. I’m a pretty big chicken, so doing this was a major step for me. I know that there is sturdy glass keeping me from plummeting to my doom, but it felt like it was going to break at any moment.


My best friend was petrified too (if you can’t tell).


Here are some photos from the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum. Not much to say here, except it was super fun.

Fish face

BFFL Selfie

Dinosaur (1)


The night before we left, we went to Chinatown to eat some food. THIS DISH (I forgot what it was called), smelled exactly like a sweaty guy’s testicles. It was so bad, and I’m not one to exaggerate.

Ballsack beans

My best friend was literally crying because it was bad. I remember laughing so hard because it was the funniest thing ever. I believe I ended up shedding major tears from having the best laugh of my life.


I might post more photos in a part 2 Chicago post if you guys are interested. There are just so many good memories to share.


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