Quit your life of laziness

No one is entitled to anything. If you want something in life you must work hard for it. If you don’t plan on working hard throughout your life, you will end up living a life full of what ifs.

If you are the type that refuses to work hard. Here’s a prediction of your future:

You’ll have some good moments in your life, but never great moments. You will get to a high point where things are going well, but since you don’t work hard for anything, your life will slowly go back to point A (a stagnant and very familiar moment that you’ve faced so many times before).  From there, you’ll once again spend a lot of your time comparing yourself to those around you, secretly hating them for having a life better than yours.

At first you’ll think to yourself, “they’re so lucky, I wish my life was like that.” You might even slowly start obsessing over the things they have, eventually starting a wildfire of envy inside you.

That jealousy will grow and grow, until the day you realize you need to stop being so angry. If you don’t try and better yourself,  you’ll once more find yourself at a stand still. While those around you move forward with their lives, you will still be at the same place you were as the week before. Those weeks will turn into months, and those months into years. Those that have worked hard their entire lives will be so far ahead of you that one day you won’t realize where the time has gone.

What would you have done that entire time with your life? Facebook stalking everyone that has the life you want, secretly daydreaming about what that life would be like for you?

You could have been working hard, but instead you were most likely trying to make your life seem great. Probably on social media, making empty statuses on how “happy” you are, trying to convince those (and mostly yourself) that your life is as accomplished as you want it to be.

Life can be complicated, but the equation is simple. Spend a short amount of time working hard, and busting your butt to gain a lifetime of happiness. Life requires some sacrifices every once and a while. It’s just up to you to decide on what your sacrifices are. Do you sacrifice some free time and gain stress, or do you sacrifice the great life you could have?

The choice is up to you.


6 thoughts on “Quit your life of laziness

  1. unsimplelife says:

    Can’t say I agree with this. I am more of the school of ‘work smarter, not harder’. To add, i fail to see how success should be measured by the depth of one’s pocket. Perhaps I have misinterpreted your post, but that is how it reads to me.

    • Whimsical Escapes says:

      This post by no means is about the depth of one’s pocket. I just meant that if you want something, you have to strive for it, not just expect good things to happen. Don’t compare yourself to others building up a jealousy and not putting effort into anything. Whether that means achieving a goal, finding love, making money, etc. In order for something to happen, you need to make it happen for yourself, not sit around doing nothing.

    • Whimsical Escapes says:

      In addition, since we now live in a digital age, people often times (or at least the people I know) spends hours a day on Facebook comparing their lives to others. Or making statuses to gain more likes so their life seems more interesting than it is to gain some pointless sense of satisfaction. I’m just advocating action and not instability 🙂 Sorry if this post came off super douchey!! I was listening to teen angst music, so the vibe to this probably came off as similar >_<

      • unsimplelife says:

        I think comparison is part of human nature, digital age or not. And i agree, I honestly don’t care if someone’s poo came out ok this morning (thanks Twitter) but, you do see the hypocrisy in using social media, to discredit people using social media? (just playing devils advocate, not intended to offend). Teen angst music…. that was everyone’s first mistake. 🙂

      • Whimsical Escapes says:

        I see the hypocrisy there. I don’t discredit all individuals using social media. Just the ones that obsess over it all day. I have a few people in mind that I know personally that go through their exes’ FB pages and see if their lives are happy. If they are, they’ll get angry and complain for daysssss about it.

        Another person I know refuses to make any changes in their life so they can be happier, so instead hates on people that work hard for the things they have.

        (Unfortunately I know way too many people like this)

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