That time I met Norman Reedus

Before I begin this blog, I must apologize for the potato quality pictures I am submitting. My digital camera at the time went through some heavy abuse, and it was on it’s last leg. Thankfully, it lasted through the trip before it decided to retire.


Two days after my birthday during the summer of 2013, I decided to go to my very first convention with a couple of friends for the day. Since Fandom Fest (in Louisville, KY) was only a few short hours away from my city,  all of us crammed into Skyler’s  car and began our one day adventure.


The main person I was there to see was Norman Reedus. At the time I was an insanely dedicated fan girl, (still am, but more calmed down now) and absolutely had to go see him. My friend’s E and A were quite familiar with the convention scene since they’re cosplay fanatics, so they ended up showing me the ropes of how these things function.

A was also a big fan of Mr. Norman, so we talked about how we would wait in his line first since he was so popular. Good thing we did because the line got long real fast. We got in line at about 11 or 12, and sat for FIVE hours before finally getting to see him. We met a lot of really cool people, so it wasn’t all bad. We just wished we could’ve spent more time at the convention doing other things.


There was a girl dressed up as zombie Sophia and was so spot on, I almost preferred her over the actress. This girl was a riot. You know those few people you come across, and their personality is just so contagious you can’t help but to constantly smile? That was her.

I wish I would’ve gotten a clearer picture with her, but since my potato camera wasn’t having it, I am stuck with these blurry ones.

45930_150612758471849_1956978066_nSuperrrrrr blurry. It bothers me so much. It takes away from how amazing her makeup was. She had latex and airbrushed paint on her skin. It looked exactly like zombie flesh.


At one point I bumped into fake Daryl. His outfit was awesome, and he was nice enough to let me and my friends take photos with him.





As the line progressed, we were finally up to the point where we could see Norman. He loved fake Sophia’s outfit so much he had to take a picture with her. It was the sweetest thing ever. We weren’t allowed to take pictures with him because the convention wouldn’t allow it, so when it was our turn to meet him, I had my boyfriend (Skyler) take a sneaky picture for me.

999700_150613381805120_2038091834_nWhen we got up to Norman, he shook our hands and asked for our names. As he looked at my friend, he said “what’s your name sweetheart?” She said her name was A, and then he looked at me and say, “what about your’s baby girl?” It felt like my heart exploded. It was so surreal! He then hugged us (we didn’t even have to ask). I discretely smelled his face. I’m guilty, but I don’t care! How many opportunities do you get to have to know what your celebrity crush smells like? Not very many! It’s creepy I know, but WHATEVA! Then we were promptly rushed away since the line was so long.


Skyler got the chance to meet Norman as well. They shook hands, and then as Norman was getting coffee, held a mini conversation with him before he was shooed away by convention workers. Apparently, he had a childhood friend named Skyler. Pretty cool eh?

Before I forget to mention, Norman Reedus also let the ladies kiss him on the cheek. I wish I had the cajones to do that, I would’ve been a happy happy lady.

Later that day I also got to meet Brian O’Halloran.

45719_150612381805220_1565407834_nHe is the nicest man ever. I think he was the only person not charging fans for photographs. He even held conversations with us for awhile. Pretty chilled out guy.

1016965_150612375138554_1497913390_nUntil next time! ❤


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