Favorite Part of Today #3

Today was one of the most stressful days of the year so far. I felt physically ill since literally everything went wrong today.

As a person that suffers from severe anxiety, these types of things are the bane of my existence. Typically, these days completely dominate and take over my day. I can’t breathe, eat, think…all I can do is feel everything all at once. Like a tidal wave trying to wipe me out, all I do is end up wanting to give up on myself and everything that I’ve worked so hard for.

But not today.

Somehow I managed to talk myself out of a deep depression. Though I am still incredibly stressed, I know that this will pass. Even though things seem horrible today, it won’t always be. My positivity is getting better, and it’s lasting longer than it ever has.

I guess you could say, my favorite part of today is hanging in there and not wanting to give up on myself. Today is the first day that I’m going to fight for myself.

What is your favorite part about today?


Kiki ❤


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