Favorite Part of Today #5 and #6

Yesterday was an amazing day. Because of school and my internships I haven’t had the time to hangout or really have any time for myself. Since I had yesterday off, I finally got to see my friends. That was my favorite part for sure. It was such a nice day. It was not only wonderful outside, it was just relaxing. I forgot what it was like to laugh with my friends. It has been almost a month when I’ve seen them.  I’m glad I could have 24 hours to just complete de-stress.

Today I had a great time watching The Walking Dead finally. It was great as usual, although I am left completely heartbroken.  No spoiler alerts here, so don’t worry for any of you that haven’t seen it yet. Just know, your heart will be ripped out. All of the feels, and you don’t even get to completely heal from the mid-season finale. It’s just AHHH! So so sad 😦 Great episode though!

What was your favorite part of today? Also, for the watchers of The Walking Dead, without leaving any spoilers (because I won’t approve comments with spoilers so I won’to ruin it for anyone else) what’d you guys think!?!?


Kiki ❤


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