Favorite Part of the Day #8

Yesterday was a pretty great day. I finally got to put my polaroid camera to some good use, and my friend and I also did some more experimental photography . But the best part of my day was when we were taking pictures near a stopped train (and don’t worry, we weren’t on the tracks, we were safe)

There were two sets of tracks. There was one train that was stopped, and another train that was coming. Because my friend and I were near the tracks the train was moving on, we jumped behind the railroad crossing arm, and watched as the train approached.

One of the people driving the train was making it whistle about a hundred times. As it passed us, one of the guys popped his head out of the conductor’s window with the most enthusiastic grin on his face. With both hands, he waved at us in the silliest way possible. It was the funniest most random thing to ever happen to me.

What was your favorite part about today?


Kiki ❤


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