Waiting for packages

There’s something about waiting for packages that is complete torture. I know I shouldn’t have ordered a New 3DS (which is a horrible name), but I caved and spent way more than I should have on the handheld and the games.

Now it’ s just the waiting game for me. Does anyone else obsessively refresh the page ten times per hour just to see if anything new happened to the tracking status? I’ve been doing that every hour on the hour for the past day. Which doesn’t help me at all since yesterday was President’s Day haha.

I originally was going to write off playing video games and focus on saving money for traveling. Although it’s important to save up for that, I don’t think I should give up my old hobbies to travel. Sure, I want to reach new horizons and experience the world and stop being addicted to technology, but I think instead of going cold turkey on the things I love, I should just practice moderation…which hasn’t been working so far since literally everything I do is technology based, but I guess practice makes perfect right?

If any of you guys are interested in me doing a blog review over the 3DS, just let me know and I will gladly do it. I must warn you guys though, I haven’t had a handheld console since the Gameboy Advanced…and it was my only handheld console. I’m not sure how great it will be based on experience of handhelds. I guess a noobie’s first impression could work!


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