Blog from the Past: Concert Misadventures

Posted on November 2012:

So this failed concert of mine happened two or three weeks ago. Here are the photos I promised in my last blog about the concert. I’d write descriptions in each one but I feel like shite, and I feel like they’re self explanatory. A short summary on the other hand I can do. The first set is like oh happy day la de da, look at the lovely scenery. The middle set is like, oh shite pancakes, my car is stuck in the middle of the highway at an intersection. Oh, nice police people hoorayyy. Oh crap, my car won’t start with a battery charge noooes!! Oh yay tow truck man. The last set is basically NOTHING CAN BRING ME DOWN! MATISYAHUUU CONCERT IN MY HOMEEE!

My eyes were puffy from crying, but I ended up making the best of the night.


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