Help me decide where to travel!

Photo credit: Wikicommons, submitted by: Kyle Taylor

Photo credit: Wikicommons, submitted by: Kyle Taylor

The semester is coming to an end and things are becoming more real. After I finish my summer classes in June, I will be officially graduated from university. I never thought I would survive, but here I stand. I’m about to end one chapter of my life, to start a whole new book.

Currently, I’m interning for a travel agency. When I complete my time here, I will be given a plane ticket. If I travel within the U.S. it will be free, but if I decide to go international I will only have to pay the difference. Of course this is a no brainer, I’m going international!

I haven’t been outside of the country for years,.  I’m pretty sure it’s been over a decade. This is why I need all of you well traveled individuals to help me! I’m going to be budget traveling, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be WWOOFing. My mind is open to anywhere, so please share your suggestions, and I would love to hear your amazing travel stories!


4 thoughts on “Help me decide where to travel!

    • Whimsical Escapes says:

      My friend studied abroad in Malta and absolutely loved it! I’m going to write down your suggestions, all of those places are beautiful ^_^ I will definitely let you know where I decide to go!! 🙂

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