I have a connection with trains

Many people seem to hate trains, but I intentionally seek them out. The sound of their wheels on the tracks, the occasional whistle of their horns, it’s music to my ears.

They have so much history. The graffiti painted on them is art. It’s impossible for me to not be captivated by the creativity behind each and every piece. When I see them, I can never escape the questions of: Who did this?  Where are they right now? What is the meaning behind this?

The graffiti isn’t the only thing that makes me wonder. I constantly think of where the trains have been, and where they came from. It’s funny to think that they have been more places than me.

When I was younger, I always thought Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service was super fortunate. There was a scene where she leaves her home for the first time and is caught in a rain storm. She ends up losing control of her broomstick, and lands into the opening of a train full of hay. I always thought this would be unimaginable. Just hopping a train and seeing where it leads. Who knows, maybe I’ll take the risk  one day and see what it’s like myself.



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