The unexpected people you’ll meet

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Courtesy of my journal :)

Courtesy of my journal 🙂

I find it incredible how ordinary your life may seem, and then one unexpected day you meet people that truly inspire you. Last week during my spring break, I had to go on a police ride-along  for class. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting.

I figured I would be sitting in a car for several hours listening to police jargon on the radio and being totally confused (which is partially true haha). Instead, I learned a lot about the police officer I was with. He’s quite a positive guy, and it helped me gain perspective towards my own life. Now, it’s probably common sense that police work isn’t a piece of cake, so the fact that someone can remain so positive during tough circumstances is pretty inspirational.

Many people in my own life allow the negativity in their’s to eat them up inside until there’s nothing left. I used to be one of these people, but I’m slowly learning that this is a terrible way to live life. I guess learning about this particular officer’s life showed me that it is possible to get past the heavy things in life and still come out alive on the other side.

My close friend C also ended up losing her grandfather last week. Instead of mourning the loss of her grandfather, C and her entire family have been sharing happy memories of him. The strength of so many people that I have been witnessing lately just makes me very grateful to be alive. Which reminds me, I should tell her more often how wonderful she is. In fact, I think I’ll do that now.

-Kiki ❤

Who inspires you? I would love to hear uplifting stories from you guys. It’s what keeps me going!


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