Sorting out life to start my adventure


Yet again I have been gone for quite some time.

I’m entering my summer semester for university, which will *fingers crossed* be my last semester of school ever. After that, I will be a free graduated college woman entering the vast unknown of true adulthood. I’m not going to lie, it’s a little scary. The uncertainty of my life and the future worries me more than anyone will ever know (although some of you can relate I’m sure).

To begin my future adventures, I need funds so I’ve been working. I started my summer job as a camp counselor. The picture above is one of my camp kiddos looking for a clue for the scavenger hunt we were doing. I like it thus far, but because of some complications with my university, they will practically be taking all of the money I will earn for my trip in September (which is to San Francisco if I haven’t mentioned before). So I also have a second job which will help me a tiny bit, so hopefully things will go smoothly until then.

Aside from working, I haven’t done much. I just spent my free time battling my anxiety and depression by surrounding myself with great people. It’s doing wonders so far, so here’s hoping I can keep up my emotional progress. Relapsing into my dark place is the last thing I want to do. Life goes on, and I know I will get through this tiny rough patch.

More blogs to come, I promise. Lots of videos and pictures ❤


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