Another resolution list I won’t accomplish

Every year I make resolutions to myself that I give up on (for the most part) like many people do. I believe last year I was a little more realistic with myself and made a list of things I would like to do in my life time. But screw that, I want to push myself this year and see if I can accomplish most of what is on this list.

Without any further adieu, here’s my list:

1.) Stop being a lazy a**hole and keep up with my blogging
2.) Livesteam on Twitch and see what it’s like
3.) Make more vlogs
4.) Get my passport
5.) Become less introverted
6.) Become more outgoing
7.) Go to Disneyworld
8.) Go to the beach again
9.) Become better with $$$
10.) Be ready to move out by 2017
11.) Upgrade camera
12.) Upgrade computer
13.) Be of this decade
14.) Have money saved up to go overseas in 2017
15.) Stop being prejudiced over my hometown
16.) Enjoy hometown more aka go outdoors more
17.) Stop being lazy in general
18.) Take more creative photos
19.) Improve photography
20.) Complete a journal
21.) Explore the world of video and make more creative videos.
22.) Make a short film
23.) Go on a road trip
24.) Be able to dance in public and not feel stupid
25.) Not be so self-concious


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