The Beauty of San Francisco (Photos part 1)


A few months ago I briefly wrote about my experience in California but got super lazy and didn’t go into any more detail. I partially blame my lack of blogging due to my hardcore vlogging and editing…which were also uploaded inconsistently so that excuse isn’t valid whatsoever.


If you guys are interested in actually watching my YouTube adventures I will link them in the order that they should have been uploaded in.

Day 1 and 2 (Skate park, SF at night)
Alcatraz Tour
Musee Mechanique and Bushman
Golden Gate Bridge/Baker’s Beach
Leaving California (My favorite video)

Disclaimer: I look like crap in most of these videos because I was tired as hell. Also I didn’t give a damn. I was having way too much fun.


Now that all of that is out of the way, instead of re-telling you everything that I experienced, I’m just going to post my favorite pictures from the trip.

Soma Skate Park


Vintage Shop
Musée Mécanique



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