Livestreaming is addicting

Untitled-1Several days ago I explored the world of livestreaming on Twitch. I wasn’t quite sure what to think of playing video games and talking to strangers, but it was actually pretty interesting (and dare I say, fun). I didn’t get too many viewers my first go, but I did have some fun conversations with those that did join my gaming session.

I have always been really big into video games, especially since they have been in my life since the Super Nintendo came out. I used to think that in order to be an adult I had to give up the “childish” things that I once loved, but then I realized that’s rather stupid. I just need to find that perfect balance. In a weird way livestreaming on Twitch helped me realize that. There were tons of people my age just enjoying the experience, and I forgot how immersive (in a good way) playing video games can be with friends.

My friend suggested that if I liked it so much I should have a gaming schedule, and I think I may just do that. If you’re ever bored on a Monday or Tuesday night, feel free to see me awkwardly talking to people as I play spooky games or RPGs.

Hopefully this will become a regular thing, and who knows. I might even gain some social skills from this entire experience. How awesome would that be?

Do any of you guys go on Twitch? If so, do you just watch gamers, or do you livestream too? I’d love to follow some of you guys and see what it’s all about!


Kiki ❤

I’m also a little proud of how dorky my Twitch banner is:


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