Having it together is only a concept.

As the title suggests, having it together in life is only a concept. A dirty lie. Do you want to know a secret? Nobody truly knows what they’re doing. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met an individual that has woken up one bright and early morning and said, “Aha! I know exactly what I’m going to do with my life. I have all the answers right here”.

The truth is, people simply just make the decisions that they think are right. It’s all a gamble. I guess that’s where the phrase life is a gamble comes from. It’s all very true though. Go figure. No one can truly know what the right decision is.  That’s where our failures and our successes come from, acting on instinct and praying that all goes well. Regardless of the outcome, the real technique is tricking everyone else into believing you have life by the balls. 

Even the most successful of people don’t have every aspect of their life figured out. So if you’re feeling down about where your life is, don’t fret. Just know that as long as you keep trying and keep staying positive, you’ll make it to the next step. Remember, you’re not alone. In fact, every person you will ever stumble upon in your lifetime has or will undoubtedly feel lost too.


Kiki ❤


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