We’re all just noise.

How many photos are you in? No, not the ones you begrudgingly smiled for, where you’re in the foreground. I’m talking about the ones where you’re in the background. Think about it. While you’re at an amusement park, graduation, a tourist in a new location…life is happening all around you. Families taking photos of their family, friends taking photos of friends…selfies even. Those are all the photos you’re in the background of.

How many of them are there? How many people have you simply existed with in the same space? You could look fabulous in some, or you could be making a face so awful that people look at it for the rest of their life, just pointing it out and laughing.

Who are the people in the background of your life? When you look at your photos, everyone is just noise. You don’t really think twice about them, but then if you think really deeply, they all have lives of their own. They have their own tragedies and good times. They’ve all had loss.

It’s strange to think about isn’t it?


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